Host Nation Perspectives

The need for experienced, trustworthy and highly educated Local National (LN), Third Country National (TCN) and US contractor support to assist Government and Civilian Programs has never been more important.

Host Nation Perspectives is a US- based contractor with almost 20 years of boots -on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan, including numerous successful prime and subcontracts. HNP has also successfully completed many prime contracts in the United States.

Having operated in challenging overseas environments for over 30 years, we are strong believers in building on success and learning from mistakes. Interacting with diverse cultures has taught us plenty. Perhaps the most valuable lesson is that sometimes you must look at things from the host nation perspective. Remembering we are often invited guests and acting accordingly goes a long way toward accomplishing the mission.


Host Nation Perspectives (HNP) is a leading provider of Monitor & Evaluation Services, Defense Base Act Investigations, Linguist services, Program management, and Staffing solutions. HNP has the experience, background, integrity, quality, enthusiasm, and the right team to meet the most demanding requirements.